Marshall Wilson

Before I get to deep into talking about my services, let me talk about myself …just a little. I started off building websites 8 years ago. I bought a book on web design and took an over-priced course here in Atlanta. From there I bought a cheap, poorly performing web design program similar to FrontPage or Dreamweaver. It didn’t take me too long to realize that I should have bought FrontPage or Dreamweaver. I created some decent sites using those programs but eventually, I realized three other things: 1) They produce bad code, 2) It held back my coding skills, 3) That over-priced web design course left me with much to learn. Eventually, I went to school a received an Associates degree in Information Technology.

For my first few years of building websites for clients, I learned many of the skills that are needed to be a professional web designer and developer. I am experienced with CSS3, HTML5, Javascript, JQuery and PHP (mainly for WordPress), Bootstrap, SEO, WordPress, and Photoshop. Included in my experience is years of working with customers face to face, by telephone, and by email. Of course, the most important thing I learned was to keep learning because web development is constantly evolving.

Not all of my experience has been for my own clients. Currently, I do contract work for a Maximus Federal to create websites at CDC. Also, I worked for 4 years at Flat Rate Processing and about a year at YP – Yellow Pages (before the position was outsourced to India).